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India-Bangladesh Police Chiefs’ Dialogue

The first delegation-level virtual police chiefs of India-Bangladesh police chiefs interacted in a positive and trusting manner

The first Delegation-Level virtual Police Chiefs’ Dialogue between the Police chiefs of India-Bangladesh was held today in an environment of positivity and trust.  While discussing ongoing bilateral cooperation, issues of mutual concern, and the way forward, it was decided to further strengthen the relationship of the Police forces of the two countries.  As a step toward that, designated ‘nodal points’ would be established for timely and effective handling and response to existing as well as emerging security and counter-terrorism challenges. 

Both sides agreed to enhance their work jointly against terrorist entities including the Global Terrorist Groups, as well as other fugitives, wherever they are present and active.  Both sides reiterated the need for sharing of real-time intelligence and feedback through the designated ‘nodal points’ while appreciating each other’s ongoing action against insurgent groups operating in the region.

India-Bangladesh Police Chiefs’ Dialogue - India press release

The scope of enhanced coordination to combat trans-border criminal activities, including smuggling of drugs, Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN), arms and ammunition, and human trafficking was also discussed.

 In view of the limitations imposed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting was held virtually and in a shorter format.  Both sides, however, emphasized the importance of this new high-level mechanism, as the dialogue concluded with assurances of greater cooperation on both sides to address all security challenges in the future.  The institution of Police Chiefs’ Dialogue, assisted by members of other security agencies on both sides, will further enhance the existing cooperation between the police forces of both countries, thereby further consolidating a relationship that transcends strategic partnership in this 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Bangladesh

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