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Ghatampur Thermal Power Plant of NLCIL is likely to be operational by this year-end

Rs. 19,406 crore Project is being set up as Joint Venture of NLCIL and UP Government

Realising the future of the coal sector, the Ministry of Coal has been advising coal subsidiaries for taking up large-scale diversification. Hence, NLCIL has planned to set up two thermal power plants, one plant is being set up in Ghatampur near Kanpur which will generate three X 660 MW of power.   The cost of the plant is Rs 19,406 crore and the project has been in the implementation phase. It is likely that the first phase will come into generation by the end of this year.    This power plant is being set up as a joint venture of NLCIL and Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.  The power plant will supply 1478.28 MW to the state of UP and 492.72 MW to Assam.  

NLCIL has also planned to set up a 3 X 800 MW thermal power plant at Talabira in Odisha. This is a pithead thermal power plant located near the Talabira coal mines of NLCIL with a project cost of 19,422 crore.  Land acquisition and clearances are in the advanced stage and tendering for the project is at the final stage.  It is expected that work on the project will commence by the end of this year.  This thermal power plant will supply 1450 MW to the state of Tamil Nadu, 100 MW to Pondicherry and 400 MW to Kerala.  The plant is expected to achieve completion by the year 2028-29. 

CIL has planned to set up two thermal power plants. One is being set up as a joint venture with Madhya Pradesh Govt near Amarkantak.  This will be 1×660 MW at an estimated cost of Rs. 5,600 crore and the project is in an advanced stage of approval.  Coal India Ltd subsidiary,   SECL will invest Rs. 857 crore as equity.  It will be implemented by a joint venture between SECL and Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Ltd.  The work on this project is likely to start by the end of this financial year and will be completed by 2028.  Required land for the project has already been arranged. 

 Another subsidiary MCL has set up Mahanadi Basin Power Limited, a fully owned subsidiary.  This is planning to set up a 2×800 MW thermal power plant near Basundhara Mines, another pithead plant. As per the interest received from different States 4000 MW worth of PPAs are in the pipeline. The estimated project cost is Rs. 15,947 crore.  Work on this project is likely to start by the middle of the next year and likely to be completed by 2028. 

 Ministry of Coal has advised all subsidiaries of CIL to identify suitable de-coaled land which can be offered for setting up of new pithead thermal power plants.

It may be noted that the cost of power generation at the pithead is much cheaper because tentatively the fixed cost per unit is about Rs. 2.5 and the variable cost at the pithead is about 1.25 rupees per unit.  Thus, it is possible to generate power at the pithead at rupees less than four. Ministry of Coal has realised that coal is going to be surplus in the years to come, therefore the subsidiaries of CIL and NCLCIL and SCCL should set up new thermal power plants for sustainability in the operations. 

As per the policies of the Ministry of Power, required renewable energy potential is also being created along with the thermal power plant so that power generation can be augmented with the combination of thermal as well as solar. This will help to supply power in a cost-effective manner to the end users.   

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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