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GAIL registers highest ever Revenue, PBT and PAT

PAT upto Q3 FY22 jumps 158%, surpasses total PAT of previous fiscal years

GAIL (India) Limited has surpassed all parameters of financial performance in the third quarter of the financial year 2021-22 on account of improved gas marketing spread, better product prices and improved operating efficiency in petrochemicals and liquid hydrocarbons.

GAIL posted a 20% increase in Revenue from Operations to Rs. 25,776 crore in Q3 FY22 as against Rs. 21,515 crore in Q2 FY22, Profit before Tax (PBT) increased by 17% in Q3 FY22 to Rs. 4,308 crore as against Rs. 3,682 crore in Q2 FY22. The Profit after Tax (PAT) increased by 15% to Rs. 3,288 crore in Q3 FY22 as against Rs. 2,863 crore in Q2 FY22.

Revenue from operations for the nine-month period ended on 31st December 2021 increased by 57% to Rs. 64,678 crore as compared to Rs. 41,189 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year. PBT registered a growth of 166% and stood at Rs. 10,044 crore upto Q3 FY22 as against Rs. 3,774 crore upto Q3 FY21. PAT increased by 158% to Rs. 7,681 crore upto Q3 FY22 as against Rs. 2,983 crore upto Q3 FY21 mainly on account of improved gas marketing spread, better product prices, better physical performance in Gas Marketing and Transmission segment.

On a consolidated basis, the Revenue from Operations increased by 20% in Q3 FY22 to Rs. 26,176 crore vs. Rs. 21,782 crore in Q2 FY22. The PBT in Q3 FY22 was up by 29% to Rs. 4,820 crore vs. Rs. 3,728 crore in Q2 FY22 and the PAT in Q3 FY22 increased by 31% to Rs. 3,781 crore vs. Rs. 2,883 crore in Q2 FY22.On 9 monthly basis, GAIL achieved Consolidated Revenue from Operations, PBT & PAT of Rs. 65,546 crore, Rs. 11,088 crore & Rs. 8,802 crore respectively for the period upto Q3 FY22, up by 57%, 146% & 141% respectively against the corresponding period of the previous year.

Shri Manoj Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL informed that this is the highest ever quarterly Revenue from Operations, PBT and PAT of the Company. In fact, during the 9 month period ended on 31st December 2021, GAIL has already surpassed the highest ever PAT achieved in any of the previous financial years. GAIL has incurred a Capex of Rs. 5,034 crore mainly on Pipelines, Petrochemicals, Equity to JVs, etc. He further stated that GAIL has acquired a 26% stake from ILF&S in ONGC Tripura Power Company.

The acquisition would be synergetic and enable GAIL to stronghold its presence in the North East region of the country. He further added that GAIL has commissioned India’s first-of-its-kind pilot project for mixing hydrogen into the City Gas Distribution network of AGL at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, this project marks the stepping stone of India’s journey towards a hydrogen-based and carbon-neutral future.

Disclaimer : This is an official press release by PIB.
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