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E. R. Sheikh assumes charge as first Director-General of the Ordnance Directorate

E. R. Sheikh assumed charge as first Director-General of the Ordnance Directorate (Co-ordination and Services). It is the successor organization of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). 

An Indian Ordnance Factory Service (IOFS) officer of the 1984 batch, he has been a spearhead of modernization. In particular, he has contributed to the establishment of the modern production line system for the manufacture of small arms ammunition at the Ordnance Factory Varangaon. As Deputy Director General (DDG)-Propellants and Explosives, he oversaw several plant modernization projects in explosive factories that led to enhancement in productivity, quality, and safety. He also led the successful indigenous development of the Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS) for artillery ammunition.

E. R. Sheikh a graduate of IIT Kanpur has served in various Ordnance Factories.  He was General Manager of the Ordnance Factory, Itarsi earlier. He has also served as a member of various Defence Delegations to foreign countries as a representative of the OFB and the Ministry of Defence. He is also the recipient of the Ayudh Ratna Award, 2020, conferred on him in recognition of his exemplary services to the organization.

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