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DST Mulls Over Positioning India as Global S and T Leader for a Vikshit Bharat

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) is mulling over ways to reposition itself in changing times when there are huge expectations from it to make science and technology the fulcrum of development of the country.

At an interaction meeting with scientists of DST, Secretary DST Professor Abhay Karandikar said that India’s goal of becoming a developed nation can be possible only when it becomes a global leader in science and Technology.

“We need to initiate consolidation of existing programmes and start big-ticket projects that can create impact at the national level. Apart from the several disruptive programs such as the creation of incubation centres, INSPIRE program; NM-ICPS, international bilateral programme centers and several programmes of SERB, we may start some major programmes in areas such as precision agriculture; Indigenous Biomedical devices; 6 G Semiconductor, intelligent transportation, hydrogen energy, research in automobile sector and so on,” Department of Science and Technology Secretary suggested at the meeting coordinated by Department of Science & Technology Scientific Officer Forum.

He added that these programmes may be initiated by bringing in industry as a major collaborator.  He pointed out that with the formation of ANRF, DST’s role will become bigger. DST will then focus on developing flagship national importance programmes and policies. “It will initiate some big basic science programmes oriented towards discovery science,” said Professor Karandikar. He also highlighted the need to improve the ease of doing research by simplifying financial rules and regulations.

Secretary DST suggested to organise brainstorming sessions to further dwell upon such plans and prepare a work program on some of the key areas.

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