Inaugural Meeting of the IBSA National Security Advisers

1. National Security Adviser, Shri Ajit Doval, K.C hosted the Inaugural Meeting of the IBSA National Security Advisers through video conferencing on Wednesday, 25 August 2021.

2. The meeting was convened as part of the preparatory process for the next IBSA Summit of Leaders which is scheduled to take place during India’s Chairship of IBSA. The theme for India’s Chairship under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is “Democracy for Demography and Development”. This was the first such meeting of National Security Advisers of IBSA countries, reflecting the importance of closer cooperation among the three countries to meet growing political and security challenges in the world.

3. India, Brazil, and South Africa are three large developing countries located in three different continents bound by common values of democracy and pluralism. They are also all maritime nations.

4. During the meeting, discussions were held on maritime security, the fight against terrorism and transnational organized crime, and cyber security. Participants agreed that terrorism, in particular, cross-border terrorism undertaken through state sponsorship, continues to be the most potent threat to global peace and security and must be fought through united efforts. They also agreed to enhance cooperation in intelligence sharing, exchange of best practices amongst concerned national agencies, and capacity building.

5. Maritime security was identified as an important area of future cooperation. It was agreed to strengthen mechanisms to combat piracy and drug and human trafficking and ensure the security of sea lanes of communication and energy and sustainable exploitation of marine resources, including fishing. The next round of the trilateral ‘IBSAMAR’ maritime exercise will be held at the earliest. India also invited Brazil and South Africa for the MILAN naval exercise in 2022. India proposed cooperation among the defense industries based on the respective strengths of each country and the pooling of resources for joint development of platforms, including naval platforms.

6. Representatives of the three countries also agreed to enhance practical cooperation in cyber security and accepted India’s offer to organize an Experts Group Meeting on Cyber Security. They also agreed to further strengthen coordination within the UN on cyber and ICT issues.

dislciamer : this is an official press release by MEA.

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