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Watch: Paddy harvesting in Kashmir

Let’s go through the process of paddy harvesting in Kashmir. Watch the video to know more.

Srinagar, J&K —

Rice cultivation is an integral part of the rich cultural heritage of the valley of Kashmir. The crop, which is grown in all the 10 districts of the Valley, is grown on 100% irrigated ecology with melting snow as its source of irrigation.

With thousands of tonnes of rice produced annually in the region, Autumn season marks the paddy harvesting period in Kashmir.

The Paddy Harvesting Process:


After the paddy is cut using sickles, it is stacked in huge piles to pre-dry. Later, the stacked paddy is thrashed for segregating the grains.

Watch: Paddy harvesting in Kashmir 24

The grains are cleared off any grass straw (stubble) on a consistent basis, while the thrashing process.

Watch: Paddy harvesting in Kashmir 25Watch: Paddy harvesting in Kashmir 26

As the day is about to end, the piled-up grains are then transported to Granary for storing, using sacks.

Watch: Paddy harvesting in Kashmir 27

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