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Tiruvannamalai District in TN bagged Elite World Records for establishing 1333 Ground water Recharge Shafts to defunct borewells

Tiruvannamalai District Administration has created a world record by setting up 1333 Ground Water Recharge Shafts, workers covered under MGNREGS were extended continuous job for over 14 days to establish these structures and the district walked into record books in the category “Most Ground Water Recharge Shafts established around defunct borewell at Multiple Locations in 14 Days”. This feat was certified as a world record by Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy and Tamilan Book of Records.

B.Murugesh,District Collector, stated that with a sincere commitment to improve the ground water potential, we established 1333 Ground Water Recharge Shafts around defunct borewells at 600 Village Panchayats of 18 Blocks at a Unit Cost of Rs.0.50 lakhs and with a total project cost of Rs.6.66 Crore within 14 days from 20.01.2023 till 02.02.2023.This Visionary Project is executed by our district inorder to full-fill the mission and vision of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, for harvesting the rain water in all possible means and to make it an everlasting asset to the people. Started with the guidance of PWD Minister EV.Velu, the scheme soon caught the attention of many and the project has been initiated on 20.01.2023 and completed on 02.02.2023. K.Pitchandi,Deputy Speaker of Tamil Nadu, appreciated the objective of the project and motivated the administration in all means, he further detailed.

Veer Pratap Singh,Additional-Collector(DRDA), pointed out that we face severe water inadequacy for agriculture and domestic needs during summer every year, the aim behind the initiative was to ensure adequate ground water recharge to non-functional borewells in the entire district to envisage increase in groundwater level, which will support agriculture and domestic needs during the summer and hence a brainstorming session was conducted for DRDA Team under the leadership of our District Collector, which led to the idea of creating Recharge Shafts around defunct borewells. We receive an average annual rainfall for 1046 millimeters, and by establishing these recharge shafts will result in increase of the ground water level upto 4-5 feet and by which the people will be benifited, he further stated.

P.Ramakrishnan,Executive-Engineer(RD),detailed that Micro Level Planning at Block Level and Village Level for Identifying the apt locations for creating the Recharge Shafts around defunct borewells have been strategically selected at all locations. We had three level internal verification process to monitor the progress and execution of these structures. The internal monitoring process was executed by Engineering Department(RD), Agriculture Department and Horticulture Department.

R.Arun,APO(Wages and Employment), detailed that MGNREGS Workers have put their continuous efforts for 14 days and endeavoured towards making this marathon project a successful one in such a record time and I am sure that this project will be an everlasting asset to the district. Each structure is established at a size of 3mts breadth, 3mts length and 2.5mts depth, a filter media was established covered with 40 mm metals, along with a down pipe with slots for water transit, covered with water filtration net. Silts deposited in due course at these establishments will be removed at equal intervals and it will be well maintained by the MGNREGS staff members from respective Village panchayats, which will result in efficient and effective use of the infrastructure in all means, he further stated.

Tiruvannamalai District in TN bagged Elite World Records for establishing 1333 Ground water Recharge Shafts to defunct borewells
Image showing progress of construction of Ground Water Recharge Shafts being established around defunct borewells at multiple locations.

Archana Rajesh,Adjudicator-Elite World Records Stated, “No Blue No Green” is a reminder to all of us that we cannot afford to lose the blue water bodies or the green forests. These elements of nature play a crucial role in sustaining life on this planet and if we continue to destroy them, we will face catastrophic consequences. This project of recharging rain water to defunct borewell is a noble one and I appreciate the efforts, she further added.

Dr.A.K.SenthilKkumar,Ambassador – Asian Records Academy, stated that rain water recharge shafts established to non-functional borewells by Tiruvannamalai District is a notable and sustainable project. It signifies the Leadership role towards legacy. It’s meticulous planning in site identification, effective reuse of existing materials amidst new resources are laudable, he further stated.

P.Jeganathan,Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy, pointed that, Ideation, Planning, and Execution is at the highest level. A permanent solution to the water problem is done through Defunct Borewells by the district administration. Outstanding efforts from the TN Government, he further pointed.

World Record Citation was conferred to B.Murugesh(District Collector), Veer Pratap Singh (Additional Collector) and the entire team for the successful accomplishment of the project by Elite World records,Asian Records Academy,India Records Academy and Tamilan Book of Records.

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