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Nathalie Botros was amongst the elite list of significant leaders of the world 

When asked about leadership, Nathalie Botros explained leadership to her means inspiring, guiding, and influencing others towards a shared objective.

Passion Vista is dedicated to presenting the outstanding achievements of eminent people from across the globe whose inspiring journeys have made them legends in their respective fields. We recognise and celebrate the massive professional trajectories, stressing the difficulties they encountered and the tenacity and enthusiasm that propelled them to their current positions of prominence. In this year’s special edition of ‘Hall of Fame 2023’, we present the passion journeys of such dreamers, trailblazers and leaders who strive to make a positive impact on a global level.

Searching for something that felt absent from her life, Nathalie Botros spent significant time and effort but still fell short of identifying what it was. Wasting a lot of time searching in all the wrong places, she eventually realised that what she had been looking for was happiness; and that no external factors like a partner, job, material possessions, or even the body could bring her lasting joy if she weren’t already happy within herself. “This changed my life, and I made it my mission to spreading this message to others.” 

Her mission is to spread joy and happiness, and she achieves this through various channels. Her “VIP Coaching” program runs for three months, where women receive tailored support to find happiness in all areas of their lives. She also offers two online courses: “Love your Body, Now!” focuses on helping women find happiness irrespective of their body issues. “Be Single & Happy, Now!” supports single women in discovering happiness regardless of their relationship status. Additionally, her book ‘If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat A Skinny Girl?’ helps women find a happy and healthy lifestyle.

To be seen and heard has been Nathalie’s biggest challenge. She exclaims, “When you start your business, despite having a clear message and products, how does one succeed without clients, social media followers, or media exposure? While luck may play a role, hard work, patience, and fearlessness are essential for success.” Even though she faced struggles initially, her motto, “What do you have to lose? Say yes, be happy!” kept her going. After failing a few times initially, she took it as a lesson instead of being discouraged and modified her approach and then she persisted until she achieved success.

Her passion for spreading joy led her to create ‘Smile it Forward’. Nathalie aims to bring a smile to at least one person’s face every day and encourage them to do the same, whether it’s someone they know or a stranger. It can be achieved by complimenting, lending a hand, or simply spending time with them. The reward of seeing that smile is priceless, as it brings immense happiness!

The desire to help others overcome obstacles, reach their objectives, and find happiness fuels her passion and becomes her inspiration. Nathalie claims that “making a positive difference in people’s lives is a source of great passion for me. My aim is to teach individuals how to cultivate happiness from within themselves every day, despite external factors, so they can progress and live their best lives. Each time I see a new smile, it is a win for me.” Nathalie Botros has not only worked towards the happiness and fulfilment of others but also has several awards and accomplishments to back the same. She has been named the “Top Coach in New York for 2023” and “The Top Women to Watch in New York” by Soeleish Magazine. She also has been on the cover of “Soeleish, New York”, “Best Holistic Life” and “Healthy Life” Magazines. She shares that her biggest personal achievement is transforming her mission and passion into her company: The Bon-Vivant Girl.

When asked about leadership, Nathalie Botros explained leadership to her means inspiring, guiding, and influencing others towards a shared objective. It requires setting a clear vision and direction, motivating and empowering team members, and making decisions that align with organizational values and goals. To facilitate finding joy, she often shares her happiness tips on social media. She remains thrilled to announce that by Fall 2023, these tips in the form of ‘Happiness Cards’ will be made available and can be made one’s trusty companions on their quest to find their inner peace and smile. To know more about Nathalie, check www.passionvista.com or to nominate email, [email protected]

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