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Medec Dragon Chief Prof. Dr Deepak Shenoy conferred with Global Icon Award at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia

Global Economic Forum G20 Summit awarded Prof. Dr Deepak Shenoy, Managing Director of Medec Dragon Pvt Ltd with the prestigious “Global Icon of the year for Emerging Entrepreneur in Healthcare” at the World Economic Forum at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia 2023

Global Economic Forum G20 Initiative Summit 2023 organized by the Indonesian government held at the Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia on 24th Jan 2023 witnessed the participation of top industry leaders from G20 Countries From 24-26th Jan 2023. The world’s most influential political, commercial, cultural, educational, and other leaders came together at the Global Economic Forum to set global, regional, and industry agendas. As the G20 Bali summit came to an end on 16th November 2022, Indonesia handed over the G20 presidency to India for the next year & the first international Global Economic Forum with G20 Initiatives kick-started with Bali Indonesia. Prof. Dr Deepak Shenoy, managing director of Medec Dragon Pvt Ltd was conferred with the prestigious “Global Icon of the year for For Emerging Entrepreneur in Healthcare” at the World Economic Forum at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia 2023.  

His Royal Highness Dr Shri Gusti Ngurah Arya WedaKarna Mahendradatta, Senator, Indonesia Presented the Highest Honour to Global Economic Forum G20 Initiative Leaders with Global Icon Award at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia in a power-packed hall. Along with Prof. Dr Deepak Shenoy, more than 20 world leaders were recognized in their respective fields.

Dr Deepak Shenoy Is the managing Director of Medec Dragon Pvt Limited and has been conferred the prestigious Honorary Professorship by The University of California- Berkeley Medec Dragon Pvt Limited is a research-based pharmaceutical company and has been growing exponentially because of the forward-looking approach of  Dr Deppak Shenoy with the risk-taking abilities in the current tough situations at a time when Pharma industry is facing a tough task in pricing, clinical trials hurdles & regulatory approvals. The company Exports to over 75 countries globally. The company provides anti-malarial, expectorant, emetic, CNS, anti-retro-viral, ace inhibitor, erectile dysfunction, animal health, anti-cancer, and diabetic APIs, as well as pain management products. It also offers formulations, such as anti-malarial finished dosages, animal health products, anti-TB drug therapy products, expectorants/cold preparations/mucolytics, lozenges, multi-vitamin syrups, analgesics, anti-obesity products, erectile dysfunction and hormone replacement therapy products, and topicals

Dr Deepak Shenoy is responsible for worldwide strategy and commercial growth at Medec Dragon Pvt Limited. Having vast knowledge about the field, Dr Deepak Shenoy is bringing inventions that nobody has ever talked about.

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