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The activities of the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare under Special Campaign 2.0.

The government of India under the guidance of DARPG has taken up Special Campaign 2.0 covering all ministries, government departments, Subordinate bodies and their field offices all over India.

The Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has also made elaborate plans to cover all Subordinate Offices, autonomous bodies and all field units under its administrative control. A total of 263 sites were selected where various activities are being conducted with full enthusiasm by the participation of employees, the Public and all stakeholders. The various activities covered are cleaning up exercises both within and outsides office premises, removal of scrap and freeing the area for useful purposes, disposal of all files and reducing pendency, State references, Grievances and other pending issues.

DA&FW has made excellent progress so far in terms of disposal of public Grievances and PMO references, Number of physical files reviewed and weeded out, Number of cleanliness campaigns conducted at various sites, Revenue generated through scrap disposal, space freed etc. 

During Monitoring Phase, 370 Public Grievances were disposed of, 38249 files were reviewed and 25445 files are wedded out Outdoor cleanliness campaigns were conducted at 105 sites which cover all the field offices of DA&FW in remotest parts of the country. This is creating a good awareness among the public about the swachhta campaign. In addition Rs. 95650/- was generated as revenue receipt and 6102 sq. ft. space was freed.

The beautification of office spaces is being done by removing all furniture, unused electronic items etc. from the office gallery as well as from the rooms to create the space & improved the lightings inside the offices to create a better working condition for staffs. The Madhubani-painting are is being carried on the walls of the office of the Department of Agriculture &Farmers Welfare.

Madhubani painting depicting various themes of agriculture in the corridor of Krishi Bhawan was created during Special campaign 2.0.      

Disclaimer : This is an official press release by PIB.

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