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First Ever India International Cooperatives Trade Fair (IICTF) – A unique initiative for taking farmers, artisans & other members of cooperatives directly to the global trade arena to be held at PragatiMaidan, New Delhi from 11th till 13th October, 2019

Aligning with the Agriculture Export Policy 2018 which aims at doubling the agriculture export and integrating Indian farmers and agriculture products with global value chains, The First Ever India International Cooperatives Trade Fair (IICTF) is going to be held at PragatiMaidan, New Delhi from 11th till 13th October, 2019. Steered by NCDC, the Fair is being conducted with the support of one international organization (NEDAC), three Ministries, four State Governments and several apex level Indian cooperative organizations.

A large number of Indian Cooperatives and International Cooperative Organisations are expected to participate in this three day event which will be held from 11th till 13th October, 2019. Though the international buyers can be from cooperative, corporate, private, government, IICTF covers exhibitors / sellers / buyers who have focus on the Cooperative-to-Cooperative trade on sectors such as agriculture and allied sectors complete value chains, cold chain, dairy, commodities, exports, technology, climate smart agriculture, processing, packaging, storage, machinery, brand promotion, marketing, coop-banking, agri-tech, cyber-security, livestock, fisheries, handloom, handicrafts, textiles, consumer goods, retail, hospitality, insurance, finance, credit, healthcare, products by women groups and capacity development. 

The Trade Fair is aimed at promoting cooperative to cooperative trade within India and abroad leading to enhanced rural and farm prosperity. The fair will be packed with conferences, exhibitions, B2B meetings, C2C meetings, sales promotion, marketing and products display business, networking, policy advocacy etc., providing an immense opportunity to the participants to collaborate and explore business opportunities with the Cooperative Organisations from India and abroad.

The Trade Fair offers a huge opportunity for the industry and business houses from India and abroad to build alliances, business networking, product sourcing and above all, interacting with the primary producers of a wide range of products and service providers. More details on IICTF may be seen at website www.iictf.in or at www.ictf.co.in . Online registration of the fair is operational on the website.

The Cooperative sector has a big role to play in doubling agriculture exports from present US $ 30 billion+ to US$ 60 billion+ by 2022 as envisaged in the Agriculture Export Policy. Towards this end a Cooperative Sector Exports Promotion Forum has been set up in NCDC very recently. An estimated 94% of the Indian farmers are members of at least one cooperative institution. IICTF would be major platform to promote exports by cooperatives with direct benefits to their members who are mainly farmers, artisans, women, SC /ST etc. Promotion of exports of key commodities/value chain products that have high potential, duly backed by specific promotional initiatives including the involvement of stakeholder entities would be a definite boost for Doubling the Farmers Income and achieving the goals set under the Agri-Exports Policy 2018.

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