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Coal Sector’s Stride into Energy Efficiency; Steps towards Carbon Neutrality

Coal Secretary Reviews Recent Initiatives in Energy Conservations

India is committed to reducing the Emissions Intensity of its GDP by 45 per cent by 2030 as per the updated NDC. In alignment with this, the Coal Sector is at the forefront of leading energy conservation and efficiency measures recognizing the paramount importance of judicious energy resource utilization. The significance of this endeavour is that, generally, saving one unit of energy at the consumption level can potentially reduce the need for fresh capacity creation by 2 to 2.5 times.

Over the last 3 years, Coal/Lignite PSUs have diligently pursued various energy conservation and efficiency measures encompassing energy audits, transitioning to energy-efficient LED lights, adopting star-rated appliances, installing capacitor banks, utilizing auto-timers in street lights, deploying energy-efficient pumps and electric vehicles. Such energy management initiatives translate directly into a substantial reduction in carbon footprint, aligning with global environmental sustainability goals.

Coal India Limited has entered into an MOU with Energy Efficiency Services Limited to implement comprehensive Energy Efficiency Programs at CIL and its subsidiaries. This initiative encompasses Building Energy Efficiency Projects (BEEP), the replacement of outdated fans, air conditioners, and conventional light fittings, and motors, the adoption of electric vehicles, and the installation of distributed and rooftop solar projects.

Coal Sector's Stride into Energy Efficiency; Steps towards Carbon Neutrality
Pump House with IE3 Motor at SECL

In a landmark achievement, Coal/Lignite PSUs have successfully replaced all conventional lights with Energy-Efficient LED lights across command areas, premises, the company’s headquarters, all mines, offices, warehouses, colonies, residences, campus, restrooms etc. marking a significant milestone towards commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. This extensive implementation not only addresses the lighting requirements but also demonstrates a dedicated effort to replace inefficient lighting systems with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Coal/Lignite PSUs Further Step-Up Energy Efficiency Measures

From FY 2021-22 to December 2023, Coal/Lignite PSUs have made commendable efforts towards energy efficiency, including the replacement of 4.24 lakh conventional lights with LED lights, 5357 energy-efficient air conditioners, 83236 super fans, deployment of 201 electric vehicles, 1583 efficient water heaters, 444 energy-efficient motors for pumps, 2712 auto-timers in street lights and the installation of capacitor banks. The adoption of energy efficiency measures led to notable accomplishments, yielding a total energy savings of 14.34 crore kWh and financial savings amounting to Rs 107.6 crore. Further, these endeavours played a vital role in promoting environmental sustainability, culminating in a collective reduction of 1.17 lakh tonnes of CO2 equivalent in carbon emissions.

Secretary (Coal) has reviewed Energy Efficiency Measures undertaken by Coal/Lignite PSUs on 19.01.2024 and appreciated the remarkable works being done in the Coal Sector on this initiative. During the meeting, the Secretary (Coal) suggested exploring the use of EVs in transportation and mining operations in consultation with DGMS, undertaking to build energy efficiency measures in all the buildings of Coal/Lignite PSUs in a phased manner, use of LNG vehicles in mining operations etc.

Coal Sector's Stride into Energy Efficiency; Steps towards Carbon Neutrality
Dewatering Pump with Energy Efficient Motor AT CCL

Various initiatives towards energy conservation by Coal/Lignite PSUs reaffirm dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing innovative solutions to enhance energy efficiency across its operations while meeting the energy demands of the nation.

The commitment of Coal/Lignite PSUs to this initiative aligns with the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, wherein a voluntary commitment has been made by the G20 and CoP-28 to double the Rate of Energy Efficiency Improvement by 2030.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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