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UIDAI to host “Aadhaar Hackathon 2021” from 28th October to 31st October

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given a clarion call to celebrate the 75th year of Independence of India, as the Azadika Amrit Mahotsav. It is a year to celebrate innovations in the field of technology and elevate service delivery to the next level. This year is also important for Aadhaar, as it is transitioning to the next decade of its existence, with a renewed objective to further improvise resident experience and various services offered by the UIDAI.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, UIDAI is hosting a Hackathon titled “Aadhaar Hackathon 2021” targeted at young innovators – who are still at various Engineering institutes and eager to step into the real world.  The hackathon is starting on 28 Oct 21 at 0000Hrs and would continue till 31 Oct 21 up to 2300Hrs.

Aadhaar Hackathon 2021 is themed around two topics. The first theme is around “Enrolment and Update”, which essentially covers some of the real-life challenges being faced by the residents while updating their address.

The second theme of the Hackathon is around the “Identity and Authentication” solution offered by UIDAI. Under this theme, UIDAI is soliciting innovative solutions to prove Identity without sharing the Aadhaar number or any demographics information. Also, it is looking for innovative applications around face authentication API – the newly launched authentication modality of UIDAI. The objective is to popularize some of the existing and new APIs to solve the needs of residents.

To solve these challenges through innovative technological solutions, UIDAI is reaching out to the young minds of all the Engineering colleges.

The winners of each theme would be rewarded by UIDAI through prize money and other lucrative benefits. All the young minds are encouraged to form teams and participate in this first-ever event being conducted by the Aadhaar team. Details of the event and online registration form are available at https://hackathon.uidai.gov.in/.

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